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Tamil Nadu, traditionally has had a strong industrial base which contributes substantially to the industrial production of the country. Road and bridge infrastructure along with ports play a vital role in the development of key sectors of the economy like Industry, Technology, Agriculture etc. Highways and Minor Ports Department administers the road infrastructure and minor ports in Tamil Nadu.The objectives of the department are to maintain and improve the roads under the control of the Government, and to provide all weather road connectivity to rural habitations. Tamil Nadu was the forerunner in bringing out standard specifications for the roads and bridges in the year 1954. The department is also in-charge of improvement and maintenance ofNational Highways in the State. Minor Ports were also later brought under the purview of this department. Subsequently, this department was renamed as HIghways and Minor Ports Department.

Highways Department of Tamil Nadu aims to develop and maintain the Highway network in the State, ensure road safety and hassle free traffic.