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KfW Development Bank (the German Development Bank) is part of KfW Banking Group, one of the largest
bilateral development banks of the world. KfW Development Bank supports activities to fight climate
change and to improve economic and social conditions of people in developing countries and emerging
economies on behalf of the German Government. Projects and programmes of Indo-German Development
Cooperation in India are supported by KfW’s New Delhi Office, which works closely with the Head Quarter
(HQ) in Frankfurt, Germany. Germany committs around EUR 1 bn (approx. INR 8000 crore) annually to
finance large-scale investment projects or policy loans via KfW Development Bank. The financing products
range from loans with various levels of concessionality to grants for project preparatory activities and
accompanying technical assistance. The KfW New Delhi Office functions as project entry point for KfW, it
develops and validates bankable project ideas and supports the respective portfolio managers during the
entire life cycle of the funded projects. In doing so, KfW maintains a cross-sectoral working atmosphere, in
which colleagues in India and Germany work hand in hand as a team. The KfW New Delhi Office is
embedded in the German Development Cooperation structure in India, composed of the German Embassy,
GIZ and DEG (a subsidiary company of KfW).