Environment Specialist

Promoting Research Innovation through Development of Fintech Institute at GIFT - CS-01 ProjectManagement Support
Application deadline closed.
Application deadline closed.

Job Description

The specialist will:
(i) support PMU and GIFT City to ensure adequate environmental management of the project in accordance with the legal agreements and ADB’s policy and regulations;
(ii) provide training for the staff of PMU, GIFT City, and contractors on environmental laws, regulations, and policies, ADB’s Safeguard Policy Statement (2009), EMP implementation, and GRM;
(iii) assist PMU and GIFT City in conducting meaningful consultations and information disclosure on project activities prior to the commencement of construction works, including implementation schedule; construction scope; contact information; and health and safety issues;
(iv) assist PMU and GIFT City in reviewing and approving contractors’ site-specific EMP, site-specific health and safety management plans; and conducting periodic environmental site inspection and safety audits throughout various construction stages;
(v) conduct regular EMP compliance monitoring; undertake site visits; identify any environment-related implementation issue and propose necessary corrective actions to PMU and GIFT City and prepare corrective action plans;
(vi) ensure that implementation and monitoring of site-specific EMP and health and safety management plans are included in annual project financial and physical activity plans;
(vii) assist PMU in preparing semiannual environmental monitoring reports for submission to ADB, and project progress reports; and
(viii) conduct rapid assessment of Fintech institute campus and facilities after completion and confirm compliance with EMP as well as sound management practices after one year into operations.

Project Description
The objective of the assignment is to provide technical professional support and strengthen the capacity of Project Management Unit (PMU) to carry out day to-day project management activities and facilitate project implementation in accordance with ADB’s policies and guidelines, and laws and regulations of the Government of India. Specifically, the consulting firm will assist in:
(i) Project Coordination and implementation support
(ii) Planning, budgeting, financial management, and procurement
(iii) Technical Support to the PMU / Fintech Institute
(iv) Monitoring and reporting
(v) Safeguards
Screening Criteria 1
The specialist should have a master's degree in environmental sciences
Screening Criteria 2
At least 8 years of experience in environmental assessments and management of similar projects in India, preferably financed by IFIs; and demonstrated knowledge and experience of ADB's environmental safeguard policy and regulations.

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