Project Management Specialist (Skill Development/ TVET) Team Leader

Promoting Research Innovation through Development of Fintech Institute at GIFT - CS-01 ProjectManagement Support
Application deadline closed.
Application deadline closed.

Job Description

As the team leader, the specialist will develop annual work plans with further breakup of periodic action plans; guide and coordinate the work of different specialists in the team in carrying out the assignments; maintain close coordination and communication with PMU, GIFT City, relevant government agencies, private stakeholders, academic and research institutions, and other stakeholders; and ensure the quality and timeliness of outputs. Further, the specialist will:
(i) provide inputs to the overall management and delivery of project outputs-
(ii) bring in the desired expertise on international best practices, ensure overall management, deployment and availability of highly qualified PMC experts and specialists to support the project;
(iii) provide strategic guidance and expert’s advice to the EA and IA; and prepare the technical, operational and implementation plan for all project activities to achieve Design and Monitoring Framework (DMF) targets; and
(iv) design/ strategize the delivery models including the planned operations over various stages of the project; projections and breakeven points for the viable business model adoptions etc.

Project Description
The objective of the assignment is to provide technical professional support and strengthen the capacity of Project Management Unit (PMU) to carry out day to-day project management activities and facilitate project implementation in accordance with ADB’s policies and guidelines, and laws and regulations of the Government of India. Specifically, the consulting firm will assist in:
(i) Project Coordination and implementation support
(ii) Planning, budgeting, financial management, and procurement
(iii) Technical Support to the PMU / Fintech Institute
(iv) Monitoring and reporting
(v) Safeguards
Screening Criteria 1
The specialist should have master degree in engineering/ technology/ business administration or related discipline, coupled with a post-graduate degree in business
Screening Criteria 2
With 12-15 years of experience in managing and coordinating large projects funded by international development organizations (e.g., ADB, World Bank) or state/ central funded projects, primarily in FinTech, startup ecosystem creation, technical education, innovations, R&D, etc.
Screening Criteria 3
Proven record in managing a large organization/ large projects24 with sound financial management and effective personnel management; proven record in effective management of government and private sector stakeholders, including industry partners, academic, research and development institutions.

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