North Karnataka Urban Sector Investment Program - Tranche 4
Application deadline closed.
Application deadline closed.

Job Description

The consultant is responsible for data collection, preparation of FCR, and conducting economic and financial analysis of the Projects and preparing/ finalizing relevant sections of the FCR acceptable to ADB. The scope includes a review of the Government’s PCR, review of the overall project costs, report preparation, participating in PCR mission, preparation/ finalization of FCR along with all the relevant sections, and addressing /incorporating comments received during ADB interdepartmental review. The consultant will work closely with ADB staff and staff of EA.

Project Description
The objective of the assignment is to help the mission leader in the preparation and finalization of Facility Completion Report (FCR) for Tranche-4 for the North Karnataka Urban Sector Investment Program (NKUSIP). The FCRs will focus on: (i) evaluating achievement of program/ project objectives against the appraised targets; (ii) assessing relevance, efficacy, efficiency, sustainability, institutional and other impact of the projects and program and rate the same; (iii) providing lessons learned and recommendations to improve project/ program performance of ongoing and future ADB-financed projects; (iv) assessing economic growth and poverty reduction impacts, if any; and (v) evaluating delivery of project outputs, achievement of projects and program impact (purpose) and the likelihood of attaining long-term development objectives.
Screening Criteria 1
"Master's Degree or certified public accountant; extensive experience in financial and economic analysis and overall preparation of PCRs for ADB funded projects or other externally aided projects."

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