E-mobility Charging Infra/ Energy Specialist

Supporting Institutional Knowledge Development and Capacity Building for Planning of Innovative and Sustainable Projects and Programs - NEBTAP Consultancy Services for National Electric Bus Technical Assistance Program (55311-001)
Application deadline closed.
Application deadline closed.

Job Description

The main objectives of this assignment are:
a) Knowledge support
i. Mapping of charging infrastructure with demand on Indian highways for both e-bus and e-4W.
ii. Study of e-bus solutions for inter-city movements, such as, the optimum range/routes and target cities.
iii. Development of financial viability framework for e-bus operations

b) Capacity building of STUs (and state departments where STUs aren’t present)
i. Review, assess and evaluate existing e-bus operations, support infrastructure, efforts by STUs
ii. Identify issues, challenges, and gaps in capacity of STUs for e-bus planning as passenger transport
iii. Develop training and capacity building modules e-bus planning and operations

Project Description

The study will focus on understanding of the existing electric bus operations, electric bus planning, support infrastructure, management of various components, institutional structure, implementation models, penetration of technology in electric bus operations, and other services. The program will also help identify the issues, challenges, and gaps in the overall capacity of STUs to plan and manage electric bus operations. The program will include consultations with various stakeholders and partners such as MoRTH, ADB, STUs, Association of State Road Transport Undertakings (ASRTU), Subject Matter Experts (SMEs), and other relevant government agencies/departments. During the program, MoRTH will be acting as an anchoring agency among stakeholders.

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