Finance and Accountant Expert

"Capacity Building for Project Design, Implementation and Evaluation - Financial Reporting and Financial Management (FM) support Junior level (43459-013) "
Application deadline closed.
Application deadline closed.

Job Description

a) To fulfil ADB’s fiduciary obligations, borrowers submit audited project financial statements (APFS)
and audited entity financial statements (AEFS). Loan stipulations are mentioned in legal binding
agreements. The APFS/AEFS received are required to be systematically reviewed. Observations coupled with
suggestions and recommended actions are to be communicated to an executing/implementing agency (EA/IA).

b) The consultant is expected to perform independently. Must be aware of ADB’s FM policies, practices
and issues on auditing and accounting prevailing on ground at project level with feasible solutions that
can be recommended to borrowers, EA/IAs in a practical manner suiting needs. ADB staff will not provide
any hand-holding on the job training support. From previous experiences gathered, the consultant is
expected to demonstrate efficiency in review of APFS/AEFS or while providing any suggested solution to

c) Provide hands-on support where requested. This may include:

i. Recommending use of TORs for financial accountants at EA/IA

ii. Suggesting ways to present the financial reports in accordance with TOR

Project Description
Financial Management is an integral component of ADB's duty to ensure that projects are financially viable, sustainable, to ensure funds are used for their intended purpose, and that borrowers have the capacity to fulfill their obligations under legal agreements. The objective of the assignment is to assist ADB in the monitoring of projects compliance with ADB's financial management (FM) requirements for entire sovereign project portfolio. To fulfill this objective, professional support to ADB’s India Resident Mission (INRM) and will report to the designated Senior financial management officer and to the Portfolio Monitoring Unit-Head.
Screening Criteria 1
"Must be a Chartered Accountant (from a recognized regulatory body of having national/international prominence) or having an equivalent CPA. He/she must be familiar with Indian regulatory environments and standards applicable in field of financial reporting and auditing."
Screening Criteria 2
"Master or Bachelor's degree in accounting or finance from a reputed university and undergraduate college will be a plus."
Screening Criteria 3
"At least 7 plus years of professional working experience in relevant area of statutory auditing, financial reviews, financial accounting and or management."
Screening Criteria 4
"Acquaintance, familiarity and exposure into ADB procedures and practices of financial reporting practices of ADB would be given priority. "
Screening Criteria 5
"Preference will be given who have worked as a partner or at-least in Director level in statutory audit function of large audit firms"
Screening Criteria 6
"Lead teams of professional accountants and or other functional areas, must be familiar with proven records in Indian regulatory environment on accounting, auditing and overall governance at the Government sector including its functionality."
Screening Criteria 7
Exposure into Government Sector and private sector in India would be an added advantage
Screening Criteria 8
Sound and proven formal communication skills (Verbal and Written both)
Screening Criteria 9
Fast learner, independent and self-motivated, also a team player.

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