Skills and Employment Specialist

Knowledge and Institutional Strengthening for Infrastructure Planning and Sustainable Development for Subregional Integration -Setting-up an Integrated Bamboo Park in Assam and conduct Bamboo Resource Mapping and Value Chain Study in NER (52255-001)
Application deadline closed.
Application deadline closed.

Job Description

• Collect/ review available information on IBP along with a network of aggregation-cum-primary processing centres, and assess for the Bamboo sector (from farming and processing products to transportation and logistics/ mobility needs perspective):
o Skill classification and job roles across the institutions and value chain for Bamboo sector (farming and processing products to transportation and logistics/ mobility needs); and map and analyse the skills gaps based on demand assessment with respect to business induced scenario of establishing the IBP along with a network of aggregation-cum-primary processing centres;
o Based on backward and forward linkages, the existing employment (current availability of skilled staff/ labour engaged across the institutions/ product value chain with sex-disaggregated baseline data as available, including of existing wages mapped) and potential of employment generation
o Enhancement from existing employment impact to potential employment generation impact in economic growth terms and potential wage improvements (based on proposed interventions of skills and capacity development)
• Project the employment generation potential over a horizon period
• Prepare an action plan to meet skills gap/ training needs assessment, and quantify the requirements for skilled persons for–institutional staff, labourers/ workers, entrepreneurs, especially women (quantify gaps for different job roles to the extent possible, based on data availability)
• Arrive at a comprehensive skill development plan
• Review skill development ecosystem, which shall include the availability of training institutes, trainers, courses aligned with NSQF/ NCVT/ SCVT etc. standards; and infrastructure gap analysis should cover the status of current skill training programs at the district level, national or international good practices, recommendations and roadmap for implementation
• Undertake stakeholder consultations and collate feedback on key issues affecting skilling ecosystem
• Work with the Team Leader and other consultants in preparation of draft business plan and finalization of business plan that covers implementation/ action plan with responsibilities, through discussion with central and state governments and key stakeholders to identify major parties, milestones, work streams and interdependencies, along with expected timelines
• Explore good practices and their applicability for Bamboo sector related industrial policy design and management of industrial development, and on modern methodologies to collect industrial data and statistics, monitor, evaluate, appraise and manage large industrial parks; and enhance participants knowledge on industrial psychology, policy generation and review as well, reforms applicability for improved capacity benefits in the context of fuelling industrial growth and managing transformation through development of Bamboo Value Chain Project in Assam
• Prepare draft of training modules/ training materials; and for any priority capacity development needs, initiate and support in knowledge dissemination/ organizing and conducting training program sessions, as felt required; and document and disseminate training feedback received, analyse, and improvements suggested/ made
• Any other task as assigned by the Client/ SBDA-PMU from time to time

Project Description

ADB is providing support to the SBDA, Assam through procurement of a consulting services package (a national consulting firm is to be recruited and administered by ADB adopting simplified consultant consultants’ qualifications selection–SCQS method and acting as Client for the assignment) to develop the backward and forward linkages for the proposed integrated bamboo park. Services of a consulting firm is sought to map the available bamboo resource in NER , study backward and forward linkages, study existing supply chain for bamboo resource, undertake value chain analysis and financial modelling of different components of the value chain at macro-level in context to existing and upcoming value chain, planning for skills development and employment generation impact and potential of the IBP along with a network of aggregation-cum-primary processing centres. The firm will also develop the project concept paper for ADB internal use for management approval purpose.

Screening Criteria 1
Post-Graduation from a recognized university in social sciences, development studies, industrial and public policy, industrial economics, business management/ human resources development, urban economics, urban planning or related disciplines; over a Bachelor's degree in social sciences/ economics/ engineering/ physical planning or equivalent.
Screening Criteria 2
Minimum 10 years of general experience, and minimum 8 years of specific experience as an expert in skills and capacity development/ study of existing and potential employment generation impacts in integrated industrial/ urban/ tourism/ transport or similar major infrastructure sectors, with demonstrated experience in skill and wage mapping, training needs assessment, preparation and implementation of comprehensive skills/ capacity development plans, and employment generation study reports/ analyses/ recommendations, with sex- dis-aggregated data (baselining/ monitoring) is required. Strong analytical and strategic thinking skills is required. Excellent oral and written communication skills in English are required.
Screening Criteria 3
Experience of working with ADB or other MDBs or bilateral development agencies on similar projects is desirable

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