CAD Draftsman

Himachal Pradesh Subtropical Horticulture, Irrigation, and Value Addition Project Construction Supervision Consultants
Application deadline closed.
Application deadline closed.

Job Description

1. Prepare the construction supervision manual, including an electronic or computerbased management and reporting system, for the purpose of covering the scope of services, in consultation with the Employer;
2. Maintain records, working/as-built drawings, test data, details of various correspondence and diaries in the formats agreed with the Employer;
3. Review & approve a Quality Assurance Plan jointly developed by the Contractor, Cosultant and Client and recommendation to monitor project quality. A risk based construction supervision approach is required to be developed and adopted for the execution of the tasks under this assignment for ensuring optimum utilization of allocated resources. The final Quality Assusrance Plan agreed upon in this regard should based on this risk based construction supervision approach with appropriate sharing of work between the Consultant, DoH staff and JSV staff so as to ensure that quality, output and integrity of services and deliverables are fully achieved with any compromises.
4. Scrutinize the construction methods proposed by the Contractor to ensure that these are satisfactory with particular reference to the technical requirements, project implementation schedule and environmental aspects as well as safety of works, personnel and the general public.
5. Witness testing of materials, concrete, welds and alignment of equipment (all as required) at site and advise of improvements if necessary.
6. Ensure the Contractors’ compliance with staff resources as per the IEE/EMP/Bid
7. Assist the Employer in implementation of grievance redress mechanism, and advise the Employer on appropriate actions to redress compaints, if any, in a timely manner and document resolutions properly
8. Inform the Employer promptly in case any significant impacts surface, which were not identified in the IEE and EMP, and develop necessary corrective actions and ensure implementation by the Contractors
9. Conduct Quality Review meetings on a monthly basis to assess quality, schedule, safety etc. and advise corrective action if any

Project Description

The objectives of this consulting service are to assist PMU and PIUs (DoH and JSV) to carry out oversight and supervision of construction works undertaken so as to ensure that all works are delivered on time and with the desired quantity and quality parameters including adherence to all applicable environment, social and other health related safeguards. DOH and JSV are referred as the Employer.

Screening Criteria 1
Minimum Diploma in Engineering or equivalent ITI or polytechnic certification
Screening Criteria 2
Minimum 5 years’ experience in CAD related drafting work for engineering drawings related to construction works

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