Himachal Pradesh Clean Energy Development Investment Program (Tranche 3)
Application deadline closed.
Application deadline closed.

Job Description

The staff consultant will assist in the preparation of the PCR for Loan 2687-IND. The scope of work for the consultant will include, but not necessarily be limited to the following:

i. review of project documents, preparation of main text of the PCR and appendices in ADB’s format to achieve the above-mentioned objectives.
ii. make field visits.
iii. discussions with Borrower and Executing Agency (EA) officials and collection of necessary data.
iv. review and evaluate the compliance with loan covenants.
v. carryout economic analysis for the project and prepare respective appendix.
vi. carryout financial analysis and prepare respective appendix.
vii. compile the cost of the various contracts under the completed project in terms of local currency cost, foreign currency cost, escalation, variations, additional works and compare these with estimated costs at appraisal.
viii. report on contractual disputes during implementation.
ix. assess the implementation of environmental monitoring and management plan (EMMP), compliance with statutory environmental requirements and prepare respective appendix.
x. assess the implementation of resettlement plan, other social impacts during implementation and prepare respective appendix.
xi. any other related work requested by ADB

Project Description
ADB intends to prepare a Project Completion Report (PCR) for Loan 2687-IND, to assess the effectiveness of project preparation, appraisal, implementation, and lessons learnt during the process. It is proposed to recruit a Project Completion Report Consultant with finance and economic expertise to assist in the preparation of the PCR.
Screening Criteria 1
Background in conducting project evaluation for energy sector projects
Screening Criteria 2
"Experience of post- evaluation"
Screening Criteria 3
"Familiar with the ADB guidelines for preparing project completion reports and performance evaluation reports."
Screening Criteria 4
"Project Completion Report Consultant in preparing a draft comprehensive report using ""ADB General Guidelines for Preparing Project Completion Report"" covering the finance and economic evaluation of the project, assessment of the economic cost and benefit and determining the FIRR and EIRR of the Project."
Screening Criteria 5
"Working experience in the South Asian region and specifically in India would be preferable. "

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