Product Design specialist

Supporting Institutional Knowledge Development and Capacity Building for Planning of Innovative and SustainableProjects and Programs - Proof of Concept Development for National AgriStack (55311-001)
Application deadline closed.
Application deadline closed.

Job Description

1. Leading the discussions and coordinating with MOAFW, participating state governments and ADB.
2. Overall coordination and project management for the Proof of Concept Development for the National Agri Stack.
3. Review of existing preparatory work and information on Agri Stack to prepare existing system + gap analysis reports.
4. Conceptualization and Design of a scalable model and creating a solution design document along with a proposed phased approach of additional developments envisaged in relation to the National Agri Stack over and above the Proof of Concept as a proposed product roadmap.
5. Leading preparation of documents for Business Requirement, Solution Design and Future Roadmap with inputs from other team members.
6. Oversee the development and delivery of POC with completion of test scenarios, user access testing.
7. Design training and capacity building program for relevant stakeholders.
8. Lead the training and capacity building workshops.
9. Prepare a concept note and feasibility reports for pilot testing and nationwide rollout of the Agri stack.

Project Description
The national Agri Stack aims to make it easier for farmers to get easier access to cheaper credit, higher-quality farm inputs, localised and specific advice, and more informed and convenient access to markets. Agri Stack also aims to make it easier for governments to plan and implement various farmer and agriculture focused benefit schemes.
The Agri Stack seeks to achieve the following broad objectives: -
1. Enable digitally driven agricultural ecosystem for the welfare of farmers
2. Create a set of databases, rules, governance structures and guidelines that enable the effective sharing of data pertaining to agriculture, across all stakeholders in the agriculture value-chain, nationwide
3. Build national digital infrastructure layer for the agriculture sector, following open- source technology for other digital applications, systems, portals and solutions to be integrated
4. Break silos and curate agriculture related data available with the Governments- State and Central departments, to be leveraged for farmers’ benefit and for better governance in an authenticated, mandated and secured way
5. Build and maintain National level core registries, to act as a single source of truth pertaining to Farmers, Farm-plots and Crops Sown – aggregating these from States’ registries
6. Create a digital farmer-centric ecosystem, to enable fair and improved access and choice
7. Simplify and consolidate farmers’ access in agriculture related benefits/schemes delivery with quick identification and authentication of the farmers
8. Create data opportunities for scheme convergence between Ministries and State Governments to better serve the Indian Farmers
9. Adopt collaborative and participatory approach with the States, by enabling them with relevant frameworks/reference applications (i.e., applications that the Centre will provide and which they can use or copy and adapt) and Standard Operating Procedures
Screening Criteria 1
The Product Design Specialist shall have Bachelor's degree in Engineering or Computer Science or Information Technology AND Post- graduate degree in Engineering or Computer Science or Systems Software or an MBA/ MCA or MBA/ MCA equivalent.
Screening Criteria 2
The specialist should have 20 years of experience in designing digital products/solutions or digital transformational projects leveraging various components of the IndiaStack for Individuals, Enterprises or Government clients in India.
Screening Criteria 3
Work experience across multiple sectors like Payments, Mobile Money, Digital Financial Services and should have been involved in conceptualizing and implementation of technology solutions powering Rural Digital Enablement at scale shall be an advantage.
Screening Criteria 4
The specialist should have understanding and hands- on experience working with new Digital Technology Stacks like UPI, AEPS, ONDC, Beckn Protocol, ODE Gateways and Registries in the Indian context is required.

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