Strengthening Capacity to Design and Implement Water and Rural Infrastructure Facility - Hydrogeologist for SIMP-Phase 2 (53145-001)
Application deadline closed.
Application deadline closed.

Job Description

The Hydrogeologist will be responsible for assessing the current and likely future status of the groundwater resource within the irrigation command area. The assessment will include identifying and quantifying the current uses and users of groundwater and the current and likely future impacts of this use on groundwater, together with measures to address the situation where abstraction levels exceed recharge

Project Description
The Support for Irrigation Modernization Program–Phase 2 Consultants team (consultants) will: (i)
prepare irrigation modernization plans (IMPs) for at least four major and medium irrigation (MMI)
schemes (subprojects) in four states (Haryana, Karnataka, Maharahstra, and Rajasthan); and (ii) initiate
knowledge and awareness programs and study tours activities. The consultants will comprise a mix of 2
international and 8 national experts. Subject to time and resources, the consultants may also be asked
to (i) include an additional two subprojects (Purna, and Chambal); and (ii) undertake additional studies
on the state’s water resources and irrigation sector, as requested by ADB and in consultation with the
Central Water Commission (CWC), Department of Water Resources (DoWR), and the participating state
Screening Criteria 1
"The specialist will have post-graduate degree in hydrogeology or similar with at least 10 years of experience in groundwater assessment and management. "

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