Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist

Maharashtra Sustainable Climate Resilient Coastal Protection Management Project - MMB/CS/01 ProjectManagement, Design and Supervision Support Consultant
Application deadline closed.
Application deadline closed.

Job Description

1. Provide technical leadership to develop the program framework, plans, and indicators to capture project performance results and provide effective, accurate and promptly monitoring, evaluation and reporting of all project activities.
2. Develop the project performance management system (PPMS) including necessary reporting formats.
3. Train the PMU and other staff in the implementation of the PPMS.
4. Based on data from the M&E system showing the location of subprojects, create maps showing where subprojects are located and the status of these.
5. Plan (including preparation of TORs for an external survey firm) and oversee baseline data collection, and impact surveys.
6. Assist the PMU in the production of progress reports for submission to Government of Maharashtra and ADB, and work with safeguards specialists to ensure that safeguard monitoring reports are produced, including monitoring against the GESI/AP.
7. Review the M&E needs and plans of the Project, extract relevant indicators, and devise an M&E system or framework to monitor the project outputs and outcomes and ensure its contribution to Project’s DMF/Results Framework.
8. Establish an effective M&E and data collection system, develop reporting forms for capturing quantitative and qualitative information, and prepare and update the PPMS consistent with the project’s DMF/Results Framework (RF).
9. Collect baseline data and monitor the progress towards achieving output- and outcome- level targets and indicators as specified in the DMF.
10. Monitor project implementation and ensure that all M&E data are disaggregated by sex, and capture social inclusion dimensions (e.g. disability inclusion).
11. Prepare, design and conduct regular and targeted overall project performance assessment and impact evaluation surveys, in close collaboration and coordination with PMU.
12. Identify project implementation issues, provide recommendations, and coordinate with concerned parties to find solutions.
13. Prepare project briefs, presentation materials and semi-annual and annual progress monitoring and accomplishment reports based on the project’s DMF/RF.

Project Description
The project objectives are to address the immediate coastal protection needs and coastal instability using environmentally and socially appropriate solutions for sustainable management, development and use of the coastal environment, in addition to enhancing institutional capacities for effective shoreline management and development.
The Project will include (i) sustainable shore protection measures implemented and (ii) Capacity for sustainable and integrated shoreline protection enhanced. The project will mainly support reduction in coastline erosion and instability through implementation of 3 to 4 identified sub-projects at three coastal locations of the state.
Consultant will support in project management, design of subprojects, providing required technical and construction supervision support in implementation of identified subprojects
Screening Criteria 1
Academic Qualification: Post graduate degree in Finance, Management, Administration, Economics or related field
Screening Criteria 2
7 years' experience in project development and implementation including projects related to natural resources management and at least 5 years' experience in monitoring & evaluation including externally aided projects; experience of working within Maharashtra would have added advantage
Screening Criteria 3
Experience in similar capacity and sound knowledge of ADB procedures/policies and working on externally funded projects/programs shall have added advantage

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