PPP specialist

Maharashtra Sustainable Climate Resilient Coastal Protection Management Project - MMB/CS/01 ProjectManagement, Design and Supervision Support Consultant
Application deadline closed.
Application deadline closed.

Job Description

1. The PPP Expert will support the team for PPP component development activities including but not limited to marina and waterfront development and water sports etc. at Devbag sub-project site.
2. The key tasks include:
• Assess experience of past PPP projects in coastal sector in Maharashtra, lessons learnt, the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and possible issues of private sector participation in coastal infrastructure and services (including tourism, transport, and fisheries etc.)
• Assist PMU in identifying the potential PPP components and support with necessary research and analysis for preliminary discussions.
• Sensitize team to appropriate bridge financing mechanisms (such as the Viability Gap Fund scheme) and support PMU in accessing the available resources from central/state/MDB for financing mechanism
• Develop a framework for screening the PPP projects/subprojects/component in terms of suitability of PPP modality, financial viability, and sustainability.
• Support PMU in developing the initial PPP component(s) concept note, with preliminary PPP Structure and prefeasibility studies (including demand assessment, market assessments etc.), and preliminary financial models.
• Support the PMU in obtaining necessary internal and external approvals for the PPP projects
• Develop, maintain, and continuously update all financial projections for relevant PPP projects/programs.
• Support PMU in finalizing TOR for any additional technical, legal experts in preparation necessary bid documents and concession agreements; and also support the PMU in recruitment of these experts.
• Support PMU in finalizing the necessary bid documents, bidding, bid evaluations of the approved PPP projects.
• Drafting, key relevant PPP policy/ analytical works as determined by PMU.
• Support in capacity building of officials for PPP
• Advocacy and facilitating coordination with relevant stakeholders
• Any other relevant activities as deemed fit by PMU to meet the objectives/scope mentioned above

Project Description
The project objectives are to address the immediate coastal protection needs and coastal instability using environmentally and socially appropriate solutions for sustainable management, development and use of the coastal environment, in addition to enhancing institutional capacities for effective shoreline management and development.
The Project will include (i) sustainable shore protection measures implemented and (ii) Capacity for sustainable and integrated shoreline protection enhanced. The project will mainly support reduction in coastline erosion and instability through implementation of 3 to 4 identified sub-projects at three coastal locations of the state.
Consultant will support in project management, design of subprojects, providing required technical and construction supervision support in implementation of identified subprojects


Screening Criteria 1
Academic Qualification: A Post graduation in economics, finance, business management, or similar areas
Screening Criteria 2
At least 10 years' national professional experience in PPPs, with expertise covering areas such as PPP structuring and private sector project finance in coastal /waterfront infrastructure, tourism, transport, and fisheries etc.
Screening Criteria 3
The expert should (i) understand PPP/infrastructure methodology and framework for resource generation (ii) demonstrate expertise with the formulation, appraisal, and approval procedures for PPP projects; (iii) demonstrate expertise in the following with respect to infrastructure/PPP projects: (a) complex project agreements, (b) tendering arrangements, (c) detailed legal and contractual agreements, (d) risk management and contingent liability issues, and (e) financial modelling of complex project proposals; (iv) demonstrate expertise in infrastructure development financing, (v) comprehend relevant policy and regulatory frameworks to enable the delivery of efficient infrastructure services; (vi) have experience in working with policy makers at all levels of government, with particular reference to determining appropriate methods of structuring PPP; regulations and regulatory requirements in PPPs; government involvement in PPPs;

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