River Bank Protection Designer/Geotechnical Engineer

Maharashtra Sustainable Climate Resilient Coastal Protection Management Project - MMB/CS/01 ProjectManagement, Design and Supervision Support Consultant
Application deadline closed.
Application deadline closed.

Job Description

1. Design river bank protection based on hydraulic assessment of energy, river form, soil type, peak river flow, expected maximum river channel scour depth and structural stability, etc.
2. Assess the physical characteristics of the land and stream, such as topography, soils, banks and channel geometry.
3. Evaluate channel stability in terms of aggradation and erosion.
4. Determine discharge, including flow frequency, depths, duration, and floodplain inundation. This would include low flows, mean annual flow peak, flood flows, groundwater recharge and discharge, flood events, and how discharge is affected by vegetation, floodplain connectivity, etc.
5. Determine the current channel form and sediment transport features.
6. Estimate future potential channel response to the proposed project
7. Undertake preliminary assessment of the foundation soil properties at Ganapatipule and Devbag sub-project footprint areas.
8. Prepare specification of geotechnical investigations at the reef location for Ganapati-pule subproject,
9. Interpret results of geotechnical investigations of the site to assess subsidence of the proposed reef and suitability of reef structure at the proposed location.
10. Specify geotextile to be used in dune construction/enhancement sub-project,
11. Validate and update the foundation design of the protection structure at Devbag and Ganapatipule,
12. Support any other technical issues related to the river bank and geotechnical aspects in the project
13. Provide inputs to the project reports

Project Description
The project objectives are to address the immediate coastal protection needs and coastal instability using environmentally and socially appropriate solutions for sustainable management, development and use of the coastal environment, in addition to enhancing institutional capacities for effective shoreline management and development.
The Project will include (i) sustainable shore protection measures implemented and (ii) Capacity for sustainable and integrated shoreline protection enhanced. The project will mainly support reduction in coastline erosion and instability through implementation of 3 to 4 identified sub-projects at three coastal locations of the state.
Consultant will support in project management, design of subprojects, providing required technical and construction supervision support in implementation of identified subprojects
Screening Criteria 1
Academic Qualification: Master's degree in Hydraulic Engineering /Civil Engineering with specialization in hydraulic engineering
Screening Criteria 2
Minimum of 10 years of experience in river bank protection design
Screening Criteria 3
Minimum of 3 years of experience in the role of a geotechnical expert.
Screening Criteria 4
Experience of geotechnical works in coastal/maritime sector is desirable

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