Team Leader & Coastal Engineering Specialist

Maharashtra Sustainable Climate Resilient Coastal Protection Management Project - MMB/CS/01 ProjectManagement, Design and Supervision Support Consultantc
Application deadline closed.
Application deadline closed.

Job Description

As team leader, the main outputs include;
• Overall management of project consultancy and lead the process of DPR preparation, Overall responsibility for project management and administration, as well as providing advice on ADB‟s procedures and policies
• Monitor and support timely progress of the project implementation including planning, design, and construction, including preparation of detailed work plan for the project implementation in coordination with the EA,
• Support and guide EA to establish an effective project performance management system (PPMS) and track project progress through it,
• Provide support for procurement of contractors and ensure complete due diligence in procurement and implementation of such contracts. Assist in resolving contractual issues,
• Establish a framework for the Deputy Team Leader for effective project management,
• Prepare the project preparation inception report and preparation of progress and other reports as required
• Manage effective construction supervision and quality control and monitoring,
• Facilitate and support PMU/ADB during ADB missions As Coastal Engineer, the main tasks include;
• Provide leadership in preparing the shoreline management plan (SMP)
• Provide technical leadership to construction expert and coastal engineer
• Oversee the project design, review the designs and drawings and other documents, conduct due diligence;
• In collaboration with the Deputy Team Leader/ Senior Design Engineer (National), and contractor develop an operation and maintenance manual for the completed works
• Detailed engineering designs and cost estimates and specifications prior to tendering for procurement;
• Provide guidance to the team members on carrying out all those tasks that are required to provide quality works as well as quality documents;
• Guide the engineering survey team on the use of appropriate equipment to acquire the types of survey data required and how the survey data is to be recorded;
• Guide the engineering drafters to produce detailed CAD designs for all infrastructure;
• Review the work of the national design engineer to estimate the type and quantity of materials required to build each structure

Project Description
The project objectives are to address the immediate coastal protection needs and coastal instability using environmentally and socially appropriate solutions for sustainable management, development and use of the coastal environment, in addition to enhancing institutional capacities for effective shoreline management and development. The Project will include (i) sustainable shore protection measures implemented and (ii) Capacity for sustainable and integrated shoreline protection enhanced. The project will mainly support reduction in coastline erosion and instability through implementation of 3 to 4 identified sub-projects at three coastal locations of the state. Consultant will support in project management, design of subprojects, providing required technical and construction supervision support in implementation of identified subprojects
Screening Criteria 1
Academic Qualification: Post-graduation degree in Civil Engineering/, with specialization in coastal engineering / Marine Science with specialization in Coastal processes
Screening Criteria 2
Minimum of 20 years of experience
Screening Criteria 3
Minimum of 10 years' experience in climate resilience/coastal management/coastal protection projects
Screening Criteria 4
Having work experience in multilaterally funded multi- year projects
Screening Criteria 5
Previous experience of team leadership
Screening Criteria 6
Coastal protection project implementation experience in tropical monsoon geographical locations

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