Senior Climate Change Specialist

Supporting Education and Skills Development Facility - Meghalaya ECD Project
Application deadline closed.
Application deadline closed.

Job Description

Changing climate is expected to have adverse impacts on agri-food production and distribution system
with domino effects on food and nutritional security of the overall population, in particular children
and women. It is projected that the decrease of agricultural output, particularly the horticulture
output will affect the availability of food and decrease the value output of horticulture that will
limit the available range of nutrient-adequate food, a risk factor for the mother-child dyad at the
distal level and leads to nutrition insecurity for women and children. The complex situation of climate
and food may lead to pre-term birth and/or lower weight and height of child at birth, which have serious
consequences for the survival and development of children. Over and above, climate change will increase
the incidence of water and vector-borne diseases and consequently, increase the stress on the health

Project Description
The Government of Meghalaya has requested ADB to support its ECD Mission. The project will support development of improving the access to nurturing care for children 0-6 years and improving maternal health. A consultant is required to provide technical advisory on the program design, implementation strategy and impact evaluation of the project
Screening Criteria 1
"The specialist should have a post-graduate degree in one or more of the following disciplines: resource economics, environmental economics, ecological economics, environmental science/or any other discipline relevant to the task."
Screening Criteria 2
"The specialist should also have at least 15 years of work and research experience relevant to environment, natural resources, and climate change with proven records of analyzing issues, trends and impacts of climate change in sector development."
Screening Criteria 3
"Experience in leading and supporting climate change risks and vulnerability assessment and preparing investment projects for multilateral and bilateral development agencies will be an advantage"

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