Tourism Destination Development Specialist

Strengthening Capacity to Design and Implement Water and Rural Infrastructure Facility - HDTLCP Tourism Destination Development Specialist (53145-001)
Application deadline closed.
Application deadline closed.

Job Description

The establishment of a sustainable tourism system at Tehri Lake requires careful development of the destination across its different clusters. These developments need to consider the resources and appeal of each cluster, consider seasonality, lake-level fluctuation, accommodation and service capacities and growth scenarios through improved access from the main source market (Delhi Capital Territory). A sustainable tourism system also needs to reflect inclusion of the different communities around the lake and ensure resilience of the visitor offer amidst changing market demand.

Project Description
ADB is supporting the Government of Uttarakhand with the Holistic Development of Tehri Lake & its
Catchment Project (PPR ID 11606). The project seeks loan assistances from two multilateral development banks, namely the New Development Bank (NDB, $75.7 million) and ADB ($127.3 million). The components posed to ADB in 2022 focus on integrated tourism cluster development around Tehri Lake. Tourism in India is growing rapidly contributing 9.2% of India’s gross domestic product and supported 8.1% of its total employment before the COVID-19 pandemic. International and domestic travel is expected to recover from the pandemic decline, tourism development has a great importance to sustain local economy and livelihoods. Tehri Lake was created after construction of the Tehri Dam was completed in 2006. Chief Minister of Uttarakhand announced development of Tehri Lake Region as a new international tourist destination in 2011, and the Uttarakhand Tourism Development Board (UTDB) prepared the Perspective Plan for Tehri Lake Area in 2016. The proposed project will support comprehensive and sustainable development of Tehri Lake and its catchment area comprising 156 villages and a 60,000 population.
Screening Criteria 1
"The individual consultant will have 15 years of relevant experience in tourism destination development and proven understanding of the Indian tourism market."
Screening Criteria 2
"He/she will have proven experience in activity- based tourism, ideally related to water/lake/oceans and a sound understanding of nodal/cluster development in tourism."
Screening Criteria 3
"Market segmentation review is required, ideally with relevant exposure to the Indian domestic market"

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