Team leader

Selection of specialized technical and implementation firm to propose and pilot use of Decentralized Renewable Energy (DRE)
Application deadline closed.
Application deadline closed.

Job Description

1. Overall responsibility for the advisory packages of the contractor (lead and manage the team, provide guidance in execution of the project, pilot in identified location and scale up potential business model and responsible for deadlines) as per ToR
2. Overall responsible to identify DRE technology, procurement of application as per GIZ guidelines, pilot and scale up potential business model in the project area
3. Coordinating and ensuring communication with GIZ, partners and others involved in the project. o Quality assurance, personnel management, planning and steering assignments and supporting other experts and input providers
4. Personnel management, identifying the need for short-term assignments within the available budget, as well as planning and steering assignments and supporting experts
5. Responsible for providing the good quality deliverables to GIZ within the stipulated timeframe

Project Description

The objective of the project is to facilitate the creation of an enabling market environment for promoting productive use of Decentralized Renewable Energy (DRE) technologies and services catering to farm and allied sectors in rural India, that directly help in achieving the dual goals of carbon dioxide emission reduction and rural poverty alleviation. The goal of the project would be to improve the quality of life of rural populations by providing affordable clean energy technologies leading to saving of the recurring fuel costs.

Screening Criteria 1
Master’s degree in Energy studies, Fishery Science, Environment Science, Agriculture studies or equivalent
Screening Criteria 2
Good business language skills in Hindi, English
Screening Criteria 3
General professional experience: 10 years of professional experience in designing and managing programs for the aquaculture and fisheries sector, partnership management and execution of field projects. Experience on converging aquaculture and fisheries sector with other sectors especially the energy/ renewable energy sector would be added advantage.
Screening Criteria 4
Specific professional experience: 8 years of experience in assessing and designing policies/ program for central/state Govt Executed development agencies financed projects for Odisha Government Experience of working with govt, research institutions, NGOs, technology suppliers etc. from aquaculture and fisheries sector. Good interpersonal / communication skills - Excellent writing, training, presentation and reporting skills
Screening Criteria 5
Leadership / management experience: 5 years of management / leadership experience as project team leader / advisor / manager. Experience in managing teams with a mix of national and local energy and fisheries expertise; scheduling, managing deliverables, costing and status reporting.
Screening Criteria 6
Regional Experience: 5 years of experience of working with fish farmers and stakeholders preferably in Odisha or neighbouring states
Screening Criteria 7
Development co-operation experience: 5 years of experience in managing ODA financed project and quality protocol of international development agencies

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