Team Leader

Consultancy Services for Developing State Disaster Risk Financing Strategy to Rebuild Kerala Initiative (RKI) Planning and Economic Affairs Department
Application deadline closed.
Application deadline closed.

Job Description

The assignment consists of the following four components:
1. Hazard risk and financial loss database and hazard risk analysis
2. State catastrophe risk profile/ Disaster risk assessment.
3. Design Disaster Risk Financing Strategy for the State of Kerala with greater focus on housing
sector and Government Buildings
4. Design of triggers for financial transactions, with focus on housing sector and Government

Project Description

The purpose of this proposed engagement is to build an understanding of the contingent liabilities faced by the government of Kerala and to develop financial strategies to increase the financial response capacity of government of Kerala in the aftermath of natural disasters, while protecting their long-term fiscal balances. The consultancy firm to be engaged has to study, review, collect and analyze necessary data to identify the extent of contingent liabilities faced from natural disasters and develop a strategic document which outlines government priorities on disaster risk finance keeping track record of the existing insurance policies, benefitting the resident population of the State and the State itself. By developing such a strategic document, the Government of Kerala intends to build financial resilience in the State through Sovereign disaster risk financing, catastrophe (property) risk insurance, and disaster micro-insurance.

Screening Criteria 1
Proven experience in DRF, strategy development, financial risk management instruments, DRR and Risk Mitigation preferably at government institutional level.
Screening Criteria 2
Must have at least 10 years' experience related to Financial Risk Management or Disaster Risk Financing, which should include five years' experience in managing/leading projects related to DRF, and/or Financial Risk Management.
Screening Criteria 3
Must have experience in the design of methodology and instruments related to Disaster Risk Finance, Insurance and Risk Transfer Mechanisms, Experience of leading DRF Projects at country level engaging different stakeholders.
Screening Criteria 4
Must have a sound understanding of employing Catastrophe Risk Modeling Results/Output in the development of DRF Instruments and DRF Strategy; must be well versed in the Financial and Insurance Industry dynamics.
Screening Criteria 5
Must be considered as the Team Leader

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