Transport Economist

Preparation of Benefit Monitoring and Evaluation (BME) report of the Flyovers / Grade Separators constructed under Strategic Road Development Program (SRDP)
Application deadline closed.
Application deadline closed.

Job Description

1. The study shall explore and come up with a quantified information on the magnitude of benefits ensued from the construction of flyovers, grade separators and major corridors.
2. The preparation and analysis of benchmark (baseline) information on persons and population groups benefiting from the infrastructure development and also assess the impacts on affected population,
3. Evaluation of project impact after completion when all project facilities and services have been fully developed.
4. Establish a project influence area or the ‘zone of influence’ of the flyovers/grade separators and major corridors, chosen for detailed and intensive evaluation, and establish a baseline
5. Zone of influence is basically the perceived impact area, in terms of the traffic, pedestrian footfall, commercial establishments and other facilities within the vicinity of the flyover.
6. Refer TOR for more details

Project Description

Government of Telangana intends to assess and evaluate the benefits accrued from construction of these grade separators / flyovers and major corridors. Further, as most of them have been constructed for last 2-3 years and are operational, a benefit monitoring and evaluation also needs to be carried out for them. Government of Telangana, plans to entrust this evaluation study to consultants having adequate experience in conducting similar studies and advice the government regarding the overall direct and indirect, impacts due to the construction of specific flyovers and grade separators.

Screening Criteria 1
She/he should have a Post-Graduate degree in Economics or equivalent with at least 15 years of experience in similar kind of evaluation works, especially related to roads and road transport infrastructure projects.

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