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Consultancy Services for conduct of Survey on Street Vendors, preparation of bilingual ID Cards, Certificate of Vending, Preparation of City Street Vending Plan and Detailed Implementation Plan for Infrastructure Improvement Projects
Application deadline closed.
Application deadline closed.

Job Description

1. Identification of areas where street vendors have been profiled which may be classified as restriction-free, restricted and prohibited vending zones based on set criteria. These criteria may be determined in advance by the ULB in accordance with the broad framework given by the government in the National Street Vending Policy 2009, the Street Vendors’ (Protection of Livelihood and Regulation of Street Vending) Act 2014 and the Tamil Nadu Street Vendors (Protection of Livelihood and Regulation of Street Vending) Rules, 2015.
2. Identification of existing natural and emerging markets for considering the possibility of developing them into regular markets and vending zones in a PPP mode for the vendors.
3. Identification of vending zones operating on time-sharing basis as well as weekend market zones.
4. Work out the holding capacity of the vending zones identified
5. Work out procedure of allotment of spaces for vendors’ markets for regular as well as vending on time-sharing basis including the period of validity of the allotment of spaces for the vendors.
6. The survey shall be conducted in zone wise, wardwise or market wise in the form prescribed in the rules and all the data shall be stored digitally.
7. Refer TOR for more details.

Project Description

Street vending is not only a source of self-employment to the poor in cities and towns but also a means to provide “affordable” as well as “convenient” services to a majority of the urban population. With this background, the aim of this exercise is to support ULB for Survey of Street Vendors, providing ID card, Certificate of vending and preparation of City Street Vending Plans for Infrastructure improvement projects.

Screening Criteria 1
Degree in Computer Science/MCA
Screening Criteria 2
Expertise in statistical analysis and software development/ MIS applications
Screening Criteria 3
At least 5 years experience

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