Field Engineer (3 Positions)

PMC Services for Construction of Flyover at Footi Kothi Square along Western RW-2 Indore.
Application deadline closed.
Application deadline closed.

Job Description

1. Proper management of civil works contract as “Engineer” in terms of civil works contract including field measurements & quality assurance work.
2. Comprehensive supervision of project implementation activities carried out by the contractors to ensure complete compliance with the drawings, technical specifications & various stipulations contained in the contract documents.
3. Efficient construction supervision by personnel who are experienced in the modern methods of construction supervision & contract management.
4. Ensure high standards of quality assurance in the supervision/execution of work.
5. Completion of the work within the stipulated period of completion.
6. Refer TOR for more details.

Project Description
1. Carryout supervision, Quality Control & Project Management Consultancy Services of the contract constructing work as under the contract & to carry out all activities related to contract including monitoring so as to enable project completion within schedule.
2. All the above activities are expected to be completed in a time frame to enable project completion with in schedule.
Screening Criteria 1
Total minimum Professional Experience: 3/5 Years
Screening Criteria 2
Graduate / Diploma in Civil Engineering with minimum 2years of experience in execution of similar Works.

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