Resident Engineer

PMC Services for the work of Construction of Kalyan Ring Road Segment-III (CH- 07/000 to 12/860 Km) from Motagaon Bridge upto Govindwadi Road.
Application deadline closed.
Application deadline closed.

Job Description

1. He shall be the in-charge of the construction supervision of project stretch and shall coordinate with all other experts of the construction projects and shall report to the Team Leader and MMRDA officials
2. He shall be directly responsible for regulating the construction process i.e
3. various activities like earthwork, Sub-base/base courses, bituminous pavement, underpass/ bridge/culvert works proposed for being carried out under stipulated specifications/manuals etc
4. For this purpose, he shall be assisted by Highway Engineer and other support engineers/personnel
5. He shall deal directly with the Highway Engineer and other support staff attached with the Highway Engineer to ensure that the construction process is well controlled as per established specification controls to avoid later quality control stage problems
6. In respect of other experts like Material Engineer, Quantity Surveyor, etc., he shall be coordinating and regulating their activities to ensure smooth functioning of the Construction Package concerned
7. He should have adequate experience in large quantity of earthwork
8. The candidate is expected to be thoroughly familiar with various standards/specifications, contract procedures, design and quality control etc
9. In addition he will be responsible for ensuring road safety during construction and maintenance period of the project, He will responsible for supervising all the safety requirement to be adopted in different stages of construction, besides ensuring that specified provisions are adopted as per codal stipulations and as per the specifications laid down in the contract for all the different stages of construction
10. He will be coordinating and controlling the support personnel placed with him and report to the team leader/employer representative as and when required.

Project Description
1. Design of structures & Issuance of working drawings duly proof checked with modifications/ corrections by offering remarks.
2. To carry out Project Management and Construction Supervision including DLP for work as mentioned above.
3. Assist MMRDA in `Inviting the bids for appointing contractor(s) for work execution.
4. Setting out works, preparation of Design mix and Job Mix formula for flexible / rigid pavement, structural components and approval of all mix designs for concrete works conducting quality control in house test, witness in gall tests conducted in approved laboratories as per norms fixed by the MMRDA
5. For more details refer TOR
Screening Criteria 1
B.E. Civil
Screening Criteria 2
Minimum Overall Experience: 15 Years
Screening Criteria 3
10 years experience in construction of Road/ Bridges/ Viaduct / Flyovers in the capacity of Resident Engineer / Project Manager or Deputy Engineer & above in the Government Organization

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