Team Leader (Civil Engineer)

PMC for Implementation of Balance work of Water Supply Scheme for Jagdalpur under Mission AMRUT
Application deadline closed.
Application deadline closed.

Job Description

He shall be the head of the PMC Team as well as that/those of Project Management Unit/s. He shall –
1. Coordinate with all the PMC units of individual projects, JMC and Contractors and will be single point contact with JMC. He shall be responsible for the Scrutiny of the drawings and shall provide assistance to JMC in selection of Contractors.
2. In consultation with the JMC, prepare the procurement plan for all goods works and services to be taken up during the project; and
3. Assist in planning, control and management of the team work;
4. Review and assist in developing implementation schedules and resource requirements;
5. Assist in monitoring progress, evaluating results and identification of resolution of constraints;
6. Coordinate all implementation activities with various stakeholders;
7. Review and finalise the monthly/quarterly reports prepared by the team members;
8. Assist in identifying the physical, institutional and financial data to be analysed to monitor sustainability and impact on Project.
9. Representative of JMC in various offices & field from JMC side if required
10. Monitor progress of the construction works through computer-aided project management techniques;
11. Prepare Bid documents also to provide support in preparation of evaluation reports and related transactions
12. Advise and assist the JMC with respect to arbitration or litigation relating to the works, whenever required;
13. Prepare any required variation orders requested by the JMC and review any variation order proposed by the contractor and provide their advice to the JMC in accordance with the contract;
14. Review all claims submitted by the Contractor and provide advice to the JMC of the validity of the claim, the effect of such claim on the construction schedule and the cost of the project;
15. Review and comment on the monthly progress reports submitted by the contractor detailing the work undertaken during the previous month, the progress of the work against the approved schedule, the problems and difficulties encountered by the contractor and other issues requested by the JMC;
16. Review the procurement procedures for the JMC, contractors, sub-contractors and vendors
17. Updating of the guidelines in line with the international & national standard practices
18. Establishing benchmarks for the performance rating of the all the contractors and maintaining for implementation to expedite the progress of projects.
19. Prepare project Implementation plan for each project by using modern methods of control such as computerized PERT / CPM(either by Primavera or MS-Projects),
20. Monitor progress by using modern methods of control such as computerized PERT / CPM (either by Primavera or MS-Projects),
21. Submit of progress reports of work executed fortnightly, both financial and physical progress reports with reference to prefixed targets.
22. Review progress of each millstone with reference to the time and cost parameters identify critical activities/issues which require immediate attention and submit alert reports in case of delay and cost overrun.
23. Suggest improvements for timely and cost effective construction from time to time.
24. Provide support for approval of drawing and design of project.

Project Description

Generally the PMC shall be deployed for one project. However, a given PMC may be deployed for two or more projects depending on the quantum of works and value of the project. Also, the composition of a PMC and the man month of each of the Team Member in a PMC shall be determined on the basis of work proximity, work load by JMC in consultation with the Project Manager and further that any given Team Member may also be deployed to work simultaneously for more than one PMC depending on the quantum of work. COMMISSIONER, JMC decision in this matter shall be final.

Screening Criteria 1
The Team Leader Cum Project Management Specialist should be Civil Engineering graduate with minimum 15 year experience in designing construction management and supervision of Integrated Water Supply/Augmentation Projects/Sewerage project under any State Government/UT/GoI/PSU/ULB,s or any central or State govt. undertaking in India.
Screening Criteria 2
The Specialist should have experience of being a Team Leader/ Deputy Team/Project Lead/Project Manager of at least 5 such projects.

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