Deputy Team Leader/Deputy Project Manager

Rehabilitation of sewer line in NDMC Area. Rehabilitation of existing 600mm dia RCC sewer line by Structural liner method
Application deadline closed.
Application deadline closed.

Job Description

Topography, Condition Assessment:
1. Topography survey of all the sewers.
Geotechnical Investigations:
1. The Geotechnical investigation shall be carried out at strategic location to find out indicative/ representative soil strata, soil modulus, water table etc. required for tentative designs of liner.
Basic Study Report:
1. Present status of sewer line.
2. Present discharge carried and discharge after rehabilitation.
3. Suggested measures to increase the discharge to optimal capacity other than the rehabilitation of the sewer line.
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Project Description
1. The key objective of De-silting and rehabilitation is to ensure smooth and efficient conveyance of the waste water / sewage to the Trunk Sewers already rehabilitated.
2 The objective shall be achieved by rehabilitation / renovation of the sewers with suitable liner (technology)so that the sewers are structurally sound, attain designed hydraulic capacity, water tight and finally life of sewer enhanced for more than 50 years.
3 Safe and continuous riding over road surface along C Hexagon and Shahjahan road is established in coming future by this rehabilitation.
Screening Criteria 1
Expert should have Master or Bachelor degree in Civil/Public health/Environment Engineering and over 15 years of overall experience and with minimum 5 years in sewer rehabilitation works
Screening Criteria 2
He should have worked on at least one sewer rehabilitation project of similar nature and complexity to this project either in India or abroad and possess experience in designing of liners using international standards and codes, condition assessment of sewers and tender documentation involving PQ, BOQ, Technical Specification and Rate Analysis for large sewer rehabilitation works
Screening Criteria 3
He should also have understanding of the sewerage network similar to that of Delhi

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